Amrish Puri’s daughter is a very beautiful Namrata Puri

Amrish Puri’s daughter is a very beautiful Namrata Puri

Bollywood’s most dangerous villain Amrish Puri is not among us today. But people of his acting still believe in iron. It passed the role of whole life villain. But there was a good man in real life. There was no other solution like this in the Bollywood industry.

Amrish Puri had stepped in the film world for the longing to be a hero. But she became Bollywood’s biggest villain. Whose name is safe in the pages of history. Tell us Amrish Puri has a beautiful daughter about which few people know. Its name is Namrata Puri.

Namrata puri

She does not look less than any heroine. But still lives a straight life away from Limelight. Talk about humility, then it is computer science engineer. Now MTech is doing. Humility was related to family’s Bollywood but she never linked to Limelight.

Amrish Puri did not want to see his daughter in the film industry, only after giving him higher education and giving good rites. He is absolutely calm nature. Stay away from the corridors of Bollywood. But it is active on social media.

Photographs on Instagram, which people like most. Seeing the photograph, their fans comment that they should come to Bollywood. If you come into Bollywood then you will be able to identify as a beautiful actress.

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